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THBRF Elements Twin Horn Bracket
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College Station
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  • SKU: THB
C000045L100ACambium 450m AP Mounting Bracket Kit (A005279)
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College Station
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  • SKU: C000045L100A
C000045L005ACambium 450i AP Mounting Bracket Kit (A005243)
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  • SKU: C000045L005A
NB-M5-16RF Elements NanoBracket for Ubiquiti NBE-M5-16
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  • SKU: NB-M5-16
US$‎3.97 US$‎6.00
NB-SXT-LIGHTRF Elements NanoBracket Light for MikroTik RB SXT
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College Station
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US$‎3.97 US$‎6.00
EB-EPMPRF Elements Easy Bracket for Cambium ePMP
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US$‎1.50 US$‎2.30
NB-EPMPRF Elements NanoBracket for ePMP 1000 Integrated Radio
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NBS002RF Elements 2nd Generation of NanoBracket for RouterBoard SXT
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  • SKU: NBS002
US$‎2.97 US$‎6.00
ACAM_Dome-CRF Elements Bracket for Ubiquiti airCam Dome
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  • SKU: ACAM_Dome-C
ACAM_Dome-BRF Elements Bracket for Ubiquiti airCam Dome-B
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  • SKU: ACAM_Dome-B

RF-Element brackets are the latest and innovative mounting solutions for wireless CPEs. RF-Element brought this technology into the market. It has created a new dimension as far as CPE installation, durability, environmental resistance, and positioning are concerned. NanoBracket has come up with some new improvements on a 3-axis adjustment system. Additionally, it has made the installation process very easy as well as increasing the outdoor durability. RF-Element’s brackets are made from the best materials that efficiently fight against corrosion and also increased the durability element. ISP Supplies is offering RF-Element Brackets in North America and all over the globe through our best shipping process. ISP Supplies offers that includes:

  • NanoBracket light for Mikrotik
  • NanoBracket light for EPMP
  • RF Elements Easy Bracket
  • RF Elements Bracket for Ubiquiti
  • RF Elements NanoBracket Light for MikroTik
  • Mounting Bracket Kit
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