MikroTik Enclosures

Bosker Quality MikroTik Enclosures are designed for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Made of aluminum, the black indoor case features 3 or 4 holes for N-female Bulkhead connectors or ACSWI Swivel antennas. It is slightly higher to fit more miniPCl card models, has holes for air intake and fits cooling fan. The other indoor case along with 3 holes for N-female Bulkhead connectors or ACSWI Swivel antennas, also includes 3 changeable front panels, giving you the option to go for the one that perfectly fits the product you’re using. It has wall-mounting holes, accommodates high-power wireless cards, and fits most miniPCl cards with MMCX connectors.

Its white-colored large outdoor case is made of plastic and includes a mounting set and one Ethernet insulator. Moreover, the dual rack mount adapter with low profile design lets you mount your MikroTik products with ease.

ISP Supplies is offering cerified MikroTik Enclosures at great prices.

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CA/600MikroTik CA600 Indoor Case for RB600
95 in stock
College Station
95 In stock
US$‎13.26 US$‎13.67
CA150Mikrotik CA150 Black aluminium indoor case that fits the RB450 and RB850 series devices
85 in stock
College Station
85 In stock
US$‎18.43 US$‎19.00
CA800MikroTik CA800 Black aluminium indoor, Fits RB800
35 in stock
College Station
35 In stock
US$‎24.25 US$‎25.00
CA493Mikrotik CA493 Black aluminium indoor case, fits RB493 series
40 in stock
College Station
40 In stock
CA411-711Mikrotik CA411-711 Black aluminium indoor, fits RB411, RB911, RB912 and RB922 series, set of front panels
80 in stock
College Station
80 In stock
US$‎14.55 US$‎15.00
IE-450S-RMADual Rack Mount Adapter for MikroTik RB450 Series
66 in stock
College Station
66 In stock
CA433UMikrotik CA433U Black aluminium indoor, Fits RB433 series and RBM33G
19 in stock
College Station
19 In stock