MikroTik Wireless Systems

Modish MikroTik Wireless Systems are built for AP/CPE/PtP applications, including mobile devices, ceilings, porches, malls, stadiums, parks, busy urban and rural areas, farms, etc. The toughest BaseBox with 2 SMA connectors operates in the 2 - 6 GHz wireless spectrum, and low-cost 5GHz AP with up to 540Mbps throughput features a built-in 14dBi antenna. The extremely powerful LHG can withstand temperatures from -40 C° to +70 C°, and the long-range NetMetal allows data rates of up to 1.3Gbps.

Its OmniTIK powers 48V devices while the smallest Groove 52HPn with Nv2 TDMA technology makes up to 125Mbit aggregate throughput possible. MikroTik Wireless Systems support up to 8 simultaneous clients over 200m distances. Equipped with 2000mW power, the devices for up to 40km have a high gain of up to 27dBi and support 802.11 b/g/n/a/ac standards.
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