Ultrahorn Antennas

Top-quality resilient UltraHorn Antennas are skillfully built for long-distance PtP links in high noise areas.
Dual polarization antenna system (H/V) with high directivity covers an ultra-wide frequency range: 5180-6400 MHz and features 2 N-type female connectors, enabling connection with wide range of radios, such as MimosaTM, Cambium NetworksTM PMP450, LigoWaveTM, and others. It offers superb noise rejection due to symmetrical beam with no side lobes. Its incredible performance trait allows for precise network planning of dense co-location in very challenging RF conditions. RF Elements antennas with a 160km/h wind survival have an increased gain of 24 dBi and up to 99% efficiency.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of RF Elements offering its certified UltraHorn Antennas at the most competitive prices.

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UH-CC-5-24RF Elements UltraHorn™ Carrier Class 5-24 Horn Antenna
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College Station
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UH-TP-5-24RF Elements UltraHorn TP 5-24 Ultimate Noise Rejecting Point-to-Point Antenna
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  • SKU: UH-TP-5-24