Baicells CPEs

Designed to deliver splendid performance, BaiCells CPEs brilliantly bring broadband data and voice services to end-users. The Indoor User Equipment (UE) has an embedded Wi-Fi AP, and the Outdoor UEs and CPEs operate on standard LTE TDD. The Outdoor CPEs support Carrier Aggregation (CA), which boosts data rates and enhances overall network performance. BaiCells CPEs feature GUI-based local and remote Web management, a 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet interface, cell lock, SIM lock, and pin lock. The pole or wall-mounted CPEs have user-friendly LED status indicators, their design offers high-speed wireless communications, and they come with a standard one-year warranty. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of BaiCells, offering its certified CPEs at the best prices.

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EG8015G-M19Baicells Outdoor CPE - CAT15, 2T4R, 2.5 GHz, 18dBi, B41 CPE
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College Station
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  • SKU: EG8015G-M19
Inclusive of US$20.52 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
EG8015G-M11Baicells Outdoor CPE - CAT15, 2T4R, 3.5 GHz, 18dBi, B42/43/48 CPE
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  • SKU: EG8015G-M11
Inclusive of US$9.38 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
EP3011Baicells SNAP PoE Router
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  • SKU: EP3011
EG2030C-M1Baicells Atom ID04 2.5GHz 5dBi Gen2, B40/41
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College Station
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  • SKU: EG2030C-M1
Inclusive of US$9.45 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
EG7010C-M11Baicells Atom Outdoor Cat6, 2T4R, 3.5 GHz, 11 dBi antenna Band 42/43/48 UE
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  • SKU: EG7010C-M11
EG2013B-M11Baicells Atom ID06 3.5GHz 6.5dBi CAT6/7 Indoor CPE
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College Station
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  • SKU: EG2013B-M11
EG7010A-M11Baicells Atom Outdoor Cat6, 2T4R, 3.5 GHz, 14 dBi, B42/43/48 UE
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  • SKU: EG7010A-M11
EG7035E-M1Baicells Atom OD04 2.5GHz 14dBi Gen 2
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  • SKU: EG7035E-M1
Inclusive of US$13.50 Tariff/Surcharge Fee
EG7035L-M11Baicells Atom OD04 Outdoor CPE - CAT 4, 1T2R, 14 dBi antenna, Band 42/43 Gen2
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  • SKU: EG7035L-M11
Inclusive of US$10.80 Tariff/Surcharge Fee

The Baicells CPEs are the ideal networking products when subscribers need to be connected virtually in all circumstances. It is an effective and the best option in the case, as mentioned above. Baicells outdoor and indoor atom models have the ability to deliver powerful internet speed (throughput) to come across the rising demands in the present streaming atmosphere. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of models to give assistance for your most amazing applications. Baicells CPEs is designed for extensibility and development, and it will continue to give assistance to your network infrastructure as a future image of LTE latest innovation become available.

WHY Baicells CPEs?

  • It is ideal solution for public and private deployments.
  • You can use IP based backhaul as well as public transmission.
  • GPS synchronization is supported.
  • It offers plug-and-play options that makes it very easy to use.

  • What ISP Supplies Offer

    ISP Supplies is a trusted partner of Baicells and offers indoor and outdoor user equipment, outdoor low-gain user equipment, Baicells Atom, Outdoor High-Gain User Equipment (UE), and countless other Baicells accessories. Ready to buy Baicells CPEs? Come at ISP Supplies’ door and secure your network.