Twistport Horn Antennas

Designed for high-density AP clusters and dense co-location sites, these elite-qualityRF Elements TwistPort Horn Antennas offer exceptional performance! RF Elements Symmetrical Horn Antennas are lightweight, feature multiple improvements in RF performance and industrial design, including an enhanced bracket, and cover a 5150 - 6400 MHz ultra-wide frequency range. They offer excellent noise rejection and superior scalability options. RF Elements Asymmetrical Horn Antennas cover 5189 – 6000 MHz ultra-wide frequency range and have zero side lobes. The BeamSwitch feature in these antennas enables antenna mounting with 90° rotation. RF Elements TwistPort Horn Antennas are easy to use with up to 95% efficiency, 160 km/h wind survival, and an increased gain of 20.5 dBi. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of RF Elements, offering its supreme performance TwistPort Horn Antennas at the best prices.