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ISP Supplies offers KP Performance Mimosa Antennas for internet service providers (WISPs), wireless technicians, and other various industries

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KP-5PDR-2KP Performance 2-Ft Parabolic Antenna Radome
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎61.27 US$‎64.49
KP-5PDN-2KP Performance 2ft 4.9-6.4GHz Parabolic Antenna w/ (2) x N-Type Connectors
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎155.79 US$‎163.99
KP-5PDN-1KP Performance 1ft Parabolic Antenna 4.9 GHz–6.4 GHz with 2 x N-type Connectors
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎86.44 US$‎90.99
KP-5PDC5C-1KP Performance 1ft 4.9-6.4GHz Parabolic Antenna w/ Mimosa® C5c™ Radio Adapter
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎134.89 US$‎141.99
KP-5PDC5C-2KP Performance 2ft Parabolic Antenna 4.9 GHz–6.4 GHz with Mimosa® C5c™ Radio Adapter
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎203.29 US$‎213.99
KP-5HVX8-65KP Performance 5 GHz 65° Mimosa x8 8 Port Sector / Cables Included
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎540.55 US$‎569.00
ATA-ST50HV65-18-8CAntel Antenna 5GHZ Dual Pol Sector Mimo Antenna
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College Station
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US$‎199.00 US$‎475.00
KPPA-5GHZHV4P65-17KP Performance 5 GHz 65° 17'' Tall Mimosa 4 Port Sector
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Lewisville TX
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US$‎282.14 US$‎296.99