MikroTik Switches

Sleek metallic enclosures MikroTik Switches are ideal for locations where distance restricts the use of regular ethernet cables. They feature 1 to 48 Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports, up to 10 or 20 SFP cages, 1, 2, 4, or 16 10G SFP+ cages, as well as an LCD panel and a serial port (RJ45). It may also include an indoor desktop case and a power supply with an additional CPU unit. Its Dual boot feature lets you choose between RouterOS and SwOS, while the SFP cage supports both 1.25 Gb SFP and 10 Gb SFP+ modules.

The compact yet powerful switch has a great total non-blocking throughput of 168 Gbps, 336 Gbps switching capacity, and 235 Mbps forwarding rate. Two 40G QSFP+ ports are also available for super-fast fiber connections or to link with other 40 Gbps devices. ISP Supplies is offering certified MikroTik Switches at great prices.