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ISP Supplies offers RF Elements Integration Platforms for internet service providers (WISPs), wireless technicians, and other various industries

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SBX-AMRF Elements StationBox ALU-Mini IP55 Aluminum Outdoor Enclosure
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SBX517MIMORFelements 5.8GHz 17 dBi StationBox Dual-pol Antenna
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US$‎8.97 US$‎16.99
OARDSBX242RF Elements 2.4GHz 2 dBi StationBox InSpot Antenna (single band)
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US$‎1.87 US$‎2.57
SBX-XL-CC-2-14RF Elements StationBox XL Carrier Class 2.4GHz 14dBi
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US$‎19.97 US$‎33.00
POESETv2RF Elements PassivePoE Set
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RNFMMCXRF Elements N-Female with O-Ring to MMCX, 4inch
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MMCX-MMCX-z14RF Elements MMCX to MMCX pigtail for StationBox Mikro and Classic, Cable length 140mm, RG178U
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US$‎0.99 US$‎1.90
OARDSBX55RF Elements Omni Antenna for SBXM 5GHz, 5 dBi
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US$‎0.99 US$‎5.60
OARDSBX800RF Elements Omni Antenna for SBXM 800-900MHz/1dBi
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US$‎0.99 US$‎7.50
SBX520RF Elements StationBox Classic Outdoor Enclosure with 5GHz 20dBi Antenna
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US$‎9.97 US$‎16.90
POEINJv2RF Elements Passive PoE Injector V2
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US$‎0.99 US$‎1.40

The integration Platforms of RF-Elements are designed to build tailored and customized wireless solutions for WISPs, cable operators and other concerning industries. The main goal and primary focus is on significant simplification of installation and assembly and also durability and performance. The majority of RF-Elements integration platforms are well-suited with the notable and famous MikroTikTM RouterBoardTM & come branded as Made For MikroTikTM products. AlixTM, TP-link or UBNTTM are supported by StationBox products.