Baicells 5G

The smartly engineered BaiCells 5G features robust quality Indoor 5G CPE and Outdoor 5G gNodeB.

BaiCells Photon ID63M 5G Indoor CPE supports 5G SA/NSA dual mode, offering a faster transmission speed, lower network latency, and higher bearing capacity. It provides 5G Sub-6 band access to base stations and LAN-side support for Wi-Fi 6 access for IoT gateways, telemedicine, industrial monitoring, AR/VR, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Its advanced Outdoor 5G Sub-6G integrated base station (gNodeB), Aurora243, consumes low power, is easy to maintain, and has a small form factor. It supports SA mode and enables operators to enhance coverage performance, improve network capacity, and eliminate blind spots. BaiCells 5G has a standard one-year warranty.

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