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pBS31010BaiCells Neutrino430 Indoor TDD eNodeB
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pBS11004Baicells Nova 227 2.5GHz 250mW 10.5 dBi Integrated 65-degree Antenna
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College Station
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BRU3501-B4243Baicells Nova R9 3.5 GHz 10W Band 42/43 LTE Outdoor Base Station
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BRU3510-B41Baicells Nova R9 2.5 GHz 10W Band 41 LTE Outdoor Base Station
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A base station can be defined as a networking or mobile telecommunication device that has the ability to transmit the data and receive the data. The primary purpose of the base station is to uphold the communication between mobile users and the network with the help of a radio link. There is a term called a cell, which is a geographical area that is covered by a base station. Baicells has come up with powerful Base stations. Whether it is a small company or midsized or large corporation, Baicells base stations are entirely satisfying the needs regardless of the size. Its carrier-grade technology permits the WISPs and TV operators to boost their market reach. Baicells base stations are easy to use, easy to install, and very easy to maintain. Their mission is to provide the internet to the vast no of people securely and efficiently.

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