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About LightSaber Cabinets and Enclosures

Elite quality LightSaber Cabinets and Enclosures are built for a variety of applications. LSO Enclosure Accessories work perfectly with indoor/outdoor rack enclosures or cabinets. They include a fan heater, plinth, rack brackets (with cage screws and nuts), battery shelves, rack mount rails, and keys. Made of high-impact thermoplastic, LightSaber Wall Boxes that come with ONT/LGX/PATCH Insert and Ubiquiti UF-Loco/Nano GPON CPE are perfect for harsh deployment environments. Besides, LSO HVAC Units with up to 1500W cooling capacity excellently cool electronic and electrical instruments, controls, computer terminals, surveillance devices, telecom equipment, etc. LSO Telecom Enclosures(HVAC) with up to 30U equipment space are ideal for telecom, wireless/broadband, base station, solar-based installations, wireless cell sites and switches, data and control, and transportation. Its fully-assembled, wall-mountable LSO Indoor Cabinets for IT and AV equipment have a 100lb capacity and are made of premium SPCC cold-rolled steel, providing a cost-effective and space-saving solution. LSO Outdoor Almunium Enclosures have a cabinet design that allows for natural wind cooling while LSO Outdoor Steel Enclosures are designed for hotspot installation, Wireless LAN Wi-Fi equipment installation, high-temperature or corrosive environments, and equipment protection from dust, oil, water, theft, or damage.

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