Cambium Accessories

ISP Supplies offers Cambium Networks Cambium Accessories for internet service providers (WISPs), wireless technicians, and other various industries

Standard quality Cambium Accessories are manufactured to provide you ease in building a wireless network. They include power accessories (power supplies, PoE injectors, AC line cords), SFP modules, cable accessories (RJ45, coaxial cables, DC cables, optical cables, connectors, glands), LPU and grounding (surge suppressor/arrestor and kits), and mounting brackets and kits. Other accessories include adapters, surge protection, pigtails, splitters, positioners, and so forth.

Cambium Networks high-reliability 600 – 1200W AC/DC LED power supply features dual-mode constant voltage and constant current output and is 96% efficient. The elite performance single/multi-mode SFP Transceiver supports 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps data rates up to 10 km. Its 30V 15W Gigabit PoE injector for indoor/outdoor protection features over-voltage and short-circuit protective installation. Gigabit Ethernet surge suppressor reduces the potential for damage form a lightning strike.

Our 60 GHz cnWave mounting bracket provides fast and easy connectivity. Plus, the crimp tool works fine for RJ45/N-type connector and clad cables. We have sturdy wall mount brackets, tilt bracket assembly, telescope, flat antenna, and rack mount kits. Besides, our range includes 1 – 90 m optical cable, 100 – 305 m Cat6a outdoor cable, RJ45 connector for Cat6a cable, ePMP external GPS antenna, and many essential accessories.

ISP Supplies is offering a full variety of certified Cambium Accessories at the most inexpensive prices.