Finest quality sleek design Cambium cnVision is ideally designed for CCTV and video surveillance applications. The purpose-built Cambium cnVision wireless solutions include clients and hubs for short, mid, and long ranges. The Ruggedized housing IP67 or IP55 MICRO, MINI, MAXr, and MAXrp clients may also act as a HUB. Cambium Networks HUB 360 is granted with a built-in 360° antenna for a distance of up to 1mile/1.6km while for a distance of up to 5mile/8km, the HUB FLEXr provides various antenna options including antennas with 8 dBi 360º Coverage (short-range), 90º/120º Coverage (long-range), and 45º – 60º Coverage (narrow pattern and excellent noise immunity). The ideal setup works with all IP cameras in the town!

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