TV White Space Antennas

Smooth design TV White Space Antennas of outstanding quality are impeccably designed for TVWS applications.
Dual polarized 65-degree sector antennas of UV resistant PVC radome possess stable antenna gain up to 12dBi and a frequency range of 470 MHz to 698 MHz. The antennas have a side lobe suppression and a high front-to-back ratio. Besides they also have a built-in GPS antenna (1 x TNC Connector). Its log periodic antenna has corrosion, fade, and ice build-up resistance with a five-year salt and fade guarantee. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of KP Performance offering its certified TV White Space Antennas at cost-effective prices.

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KP-TWDPY9KP Performance 470-698MHz Dual Polarity 9dBi Yagi (2-pack)
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University Park Illinois
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US$‎199.49 US$‎209.99
KP-TWDPFP9KP Performance 470 MHz-698 MHz, 9 dBi, 65 Degree Dual Polarity, Flat Panel Antenna
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University Park Illinois
50 In stock
US$‎119.69 US$‎125.99
KP-TWVP65S-12KP Performance 470-698 MHz, 65 Degree Sector Antenna, 12dBi, 2-Port, Vertical Polarity
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University Park Illinois
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  • SKU: KP-TWVP65S-12
US$‎559.55 US$‎589.00
KP-TWDP65S-12KP Performance Dual Polarity 12dBi 65 Degree Sector Antenna
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University Park Illinois
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  • SKU: KP-TWDP65S-12
US$‎730.55 US$‎769.00