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TITAN 2000


Global Telecom’s TITAN 2000 is the latest advancement in modems for the Internet of Things.

With 8×8 MIMO at its core, the TITAN 2000 provides lightning fast speed and always reliable connections for enterprise and consumers alike. The TITAN 2000 is capable of maximum download speeds of 600 MBPS and is built using a Cat 15 module (model: Global-7243A) with eight antenna ports. It delivers 11 dB, which is 13 times stronger than typical 2×2 MIMO modems or end user devices. This high capacity and strong received power comes from specialized design with high MIMO and high gain antenna configuration. It’s an ideal solution for homes and businesses looking to truly cut the cord once and for all.


Innovation and rapid changes in our connected devices make it hard to plan for the future, but the TITAN 2000’s designers have taken migration needs into account. Using cellular high-speed protocols, including advanced LTE and 5G, the TITAN 2000 has been created to be future-proof and capable of hosting Cat 19 and 5G modules with pin-to-pin compatibility — eliminating the need to change software or other parts. Global Telecom’s flagship product for 2020 also supports up to four channels of carrier aggregation utilizing inter- and intra- band. The TITAN 2000 is compatible with all U.S. carriers and in more than 165 countries worldwide.

High Performance & Lightning Speed Mobile Data

The TITAN 2000 supports both FDD and TDD modes of LTE operation and provides up to category 12 data throughput – far exceeding existing wired broadband data speeds to easily satisfy the need for HD video and VoIP applications.

Easy and Quick Integration

The TITAN 2000 supports the PoE/RJ45 interface to allow quick integration across operator networks with a variety of systems, including LTE eNodeB. Roaming and handover support are also available.

Superior Performance

The TITAN 2000’s standard PoE form factor design, support for advanced 4.5G technologies (including AMC, HARQ, MIMO, DL & UL CA and more), and a host- less SoC design further reduce cost and power consumption.

Advanced MIMO Technology

Supporting advanced MIMO technology (up to 8Rx and 4Tx), the TITAN 2000 allows modules to achieve up category 12 performance while also extending coverage and greatly improving spectrum efficiency.