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First-class Promos are professionally built to meet the demands of the LTE fixed and Mobile Carriers in public venues and enterprise offices. The mini-macro class product supports 3GPP’s latest LTE eNodeB specifications and provides high-speed data, mobility, Voice over LTE, and broadcast/multicast services. It supports single or dual-carrier up to 2x 20MHz. Its super-compact and high-performance indoor pico eNB can support up to 40MHz bandwidth.

The LTE radio implements a quad 25 dBm (4 x 315mW) transmit channel, with an integral antenna and a high-powered small cell that supports the latest 3GPP Release feature sets including support for SON and eICIC enables N=1 frequency re-use. Plus, its CPI Certification Course includes CBRS, SAS, and CBSD. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Airspan offering its certified Promos at the best prices.

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CPI-T-1Federated Wireless CPI-T-1 CPI Training
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HAR40-CN-U41-B06DPAirspan AirHarmony 4000 Band 40/41
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College Station
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US$‎5,445.00 US$‎8,640.00
HAR42-CN-U48-B06DPAirspan AirHarmony 4200 3550 - 3700 MHz (B48), Connectorized 2x Fiber + 2x Copper, PoE, DC
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College Station
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US$‎5,255.00 US$‎8,340.00