RF Elements Starter Horn

Unrivaled quality StarterHorn is expertly engineered for great noise rejection in high-density AP clusters and dense co-location sites.
The StarterHorn antenna that has a symmetrical beam pattern with no side lobes offers RP-SMA female connector interface for H/V polarization and covers an ultra-wide frequency range: 5150-5950 MHz. RF Elements StarterHorn with a 160km/h wind survival has an increased gain of 18 dBi and up to 92% efficiency. The StarterAdaptor SMA features 2 RP-SMA female connectors. It converts the waveguide interface into coaxial RP-SMA for H/V polarization and enables using radios with coaxial interface with any StarterDish antenna.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of RF Elements offering its certified StarterHorn at the most competitive prices.

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STH-A45-USMARF Elements StarterHorn™ A45° USMA Asymmetrical Horn Antenna
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STH-30-USMARF Elements StarterHorn 30° USMA Symmetrical Horn Antenna
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STA-SMARF Elements StarterAdapter SMA Adapter with Two RP-SMA Female Connectors
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College Station
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