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BAICELLS-OMC-LICS-UEBaicells OMC & BOSS license for per 100 UE
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BAICELLS-OMC-LICS-eNBBaicells OMC & BOSS license for per 10 Enb
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BAICELLS-OMCBaicells OMC basic software with 20 eNB default license, 2000 subscribers
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Baicells has been involved to address the problems of its WISPs and TV or cable operators as far as the deployment options are concerned. In the Month of October of year 2018, Baicells announced its Local EPC (BaiEPC) for wireless internet service providers and other operators who want to start a private network version of the EPC. Following network functions are being provided by BaiEPC:

  • Mobility Management Entity (MME)
  • Home Subscriber Server (HSS)
  • Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW)
  • Serving Gateway (SGW)
  • Policy & Charging Rules Function (PCRF)

EPC (Evolved Packet Core) is bundled network platform that corresponds to telecommunications standards of 3GPP. Operators have full control over the E2E network due to EPC, and offers a secure way to tailor services and to bound deployments as far as multiple regions are concerned. Standard and Professional are available as Local EPC options by Baicells. The standard EPC platform is the ideal solution for tiny-sized to medium-sized networks, and for corporate levels networks are concerned then Professional EPC platform is being used. Both platforms gives supplementary licensing options. Both platforms come up with a customary one-year warranty; extended warranty is also available.

Mobility Management
  • Attach/detach/idle
  • Paging
  • X2, S1 handover
  • Tracking area update
Session Management
  • Default bearer management
  • Dedicated bearer management
  • Multiple EPS bearers (up to 4 per UE)
  • QoS
  • Local management Web GUI
  • Northbound APIs for OMC & BOSS
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