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IgniteNet MetroLinq-LW 60GHz Cloud Enabled PTP/PTMP w/ 5GHz Failover + 2GHz AP

  • SKU: ML-60-LW-DO-US
  • Manufacturer: IgniteNet
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Specifications ML-60-LW-DO-US

Hardware Features(1) Gigabit Ethernet Port (PoE IN) (1) Gigabit Ethernet Port (1) SFP Port (1) Screw Terminal Block (Power IN) (1) USB 3.0 Port Dual flash image support
Support Dual flash image support
LEDs Power, Ethernet, Wireless, Health/Status
Dimensions177 x 163 x 40mm (7 x 6.5 x 1.4")
Power24V/1A passive Gigabit PoE
Operating Temperature -40 to 70°C
Storage Temperature -40 to 70°C
Operating Humidity 10 to 90% non-condensing
Regulatory / Standards Compliance FCC/IC, CE
Range Up to 250m (LW to LW, location dependent) Up to 250m (LW to Omni, location dependent) Up to 900m (LW to 19cm, location dependent) Up to 1.2km (LW to 35cm, location dependent)
RF Performance (TX) 60GHz: 14dBm @ 1+Gbps 5GHz: 27dBm @ 6Mbps, 23dBm @ 866Mbps 2.4GHz: 27dBm @ 6Mbps, 23dBm @ 300Mbps
RF Performance (RX) 60GHz: -74dBm @ MCS1; -60dBm @ MCS9 5GHz: -94dBm @ MSC0; -72dBm @ MCS15 2.4GHz: -94dBm @ MCS0; -72dBm @ MCS15

IgniteNet ML-60-LW-DO-US

MetroLinq-LW 60GHz Cloud Enabled PTP/PTMP w/ 5GHz Failover + 2GHz AP (Dualband Omni Configuration)

IgniteNet ML-60-LW-DO-US is lightweight MetroLinq PTP/PTMP radio designed for backhaul. It operates on the unlicensed 60GHz frequency, with a 5GHz failover radio and 2.4GHz AP that can be used for maintenance or a hotspot. It can be operates as either a stand-alone device or as a coordinated, cloud managed device. This SKU is configured as a dual-band omni.


  • Inteference-Free & Unlicensed Band: The IgniteNet™ MetroLinq™ 60-LW offers unprecedented performance - combining both the benefits of unlicensed band operation with no interference!
  • Tri Band 60GHz + 5GHz + 2.4 GHz Operation: The MetroLinq™ 60-LW includes a second 5GHz radio which can be configured as a backup to the 60GHz as well as a 2.4GHz WiFi AP to be used for a variety of applications like maintenance, hotspot, and other uses.
  • Robust Weather-Resistant Design: The MetroLinq™ 60-LW features a hybrid metal/ plastic design built to withstand the harshest environments including precipitation, hot/cold weather and high/low humidities.
  • Powerful, Flexible Configuration: The MetroLinq™ 60-LW can operate either as a stand-alone device or as a coordinated, cloudmanaged device, easily meeting the requirements of any installation.