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  • Rohn 45G110R210 45G TOWER KIT, 110 MPH, NI, 210'

Rohn 45G110R210 45G TOWER KIT, 110 MPH, NI, 210'

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45G110R210 Rohn45G TOWER KIT, 110 MPH, NI, 210'

The ROHN complete guyed tower kits make it easier than ever for you to get everything you need for your next tower installation. The ROHN R-45G110R210 210-ft guyed tower kit contains all hardware necessary to construct a complete 210-ft guyed tower suitable for use in areas with 110mph Rev. G/90mph Rev. F wind speeds.

The ROHN 45G is a true multi-use structure that provides excellent strength for applications up to 300-ft. It's offered with either heavy steel tube or solid steel rod legs to satify a wide variety of needs under various conditions. When properly installed, the standard tower will support the loads shown.

The ROHN 45G tower is available in standard 10-ft sections and uses double-bolted joints, proven to be the best method of joining tower sections for sturdiness and dependability. As a guyed structure the ROHN 45G can rise to a maximum of 300-ft. The 45G tower sections can also be used in a bracketed configuration and as a freestanding tower up to 45-ft.