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Azotel’s SIMPLerOSS solution for Fiber and Wireless ISPs

The Azotel SIMPLer platform offers wireless broadband operators a complete integrated OSS (Operations Systems Support) and core network. The Azotel SIMPLer approach integrates seamlessly across all departments. This replaces up to five business systems with one integrated system, greatly increasing the effectiveness of all departments within the organization.

Process MAP 1



  • Seatch for Customer in NonLit SIMPLer OR
  • SIMPLer Add a new Customer (to Zone)
  • STATE = Waiting for Install
  • NO Installer assigned


  • Assign Installer using CC and available Calendar slot
  • STATE = Waiting for Install
  • Installer assigned


  • Work Order: Nightly Email targeted to installer, PDA, Web
  • Truck Roll to SITE
  • AP Eval data Sector/ Colour
  • Connect unprovisioned/ defaulted SM
  • SIMPLer "Provision NOW" [OR "Survey Failed"]
  • AUTO: IP address, Bandwidth Settings
  • Installer collects "Signed Work Order"


  • AUTO: Subscriber flagged on "First Invoice" list
  • EA/CSR issues invoices
  • EA/CSR issues PAC and CC
  • Exceptions Process on-going
  • EA/CSR Cash payments processing
  • Accounts: Month End totals

Process MAP 2



  • Global Customer search
  • Verify connectivity, usage etc.
  • Open TroubleTicket/ Customer Issue (CI) and mark as "administration".
  • Follow up with NOC


  • Monitoring NETH for each Zone
  • Network Analysis Tools ["stats"]
  • Network Analysis Tools ["network"]
  • Support Help Desk, update CLs
  • Cl: Use "azotel" category to log against AZ
  • Daily monitoring of BHs APs
  • Manage overall network Architecture growth
  • Access Rights


  • SIMPLer auto collects MAC address during install process
  • Preload equipment list to SIMPLer (if available)


  • STATs per Zone
  • Upload NonLit addresses by Zone
  • Use of "potential" state, marketing codes, customer notes etc.


  • STATs per Zone
  • Visibility across all functions from ther ONE System

Features include

  • Allows Local Operator to Focus on Customers
  • Greatly Reduced Cost of WISP Setup
  • Greatly Reduced Cost of WISP Operation
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Proven Solution and Business Model
  • Minimum Technical Knowledge required
  • Full Professional Backup Support Provided
  • Ready Access to Advanced Services
  • All IP Network – Standard Ethernet Interface
  • Access to large Azotel WISP Operations Knowledge Base

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