Perfect Vision Weatherproofing

Bosker quality Weatherproofing is finely crafted for many handy uses.
Perfect Vision’s 10' long, 1 1/2" or 6.5" wide, and 1/8" thick SureSeal compound is flexible. When tested for 2000 hours in a UV exposure chamber, it survived with little change in surface characteristics. Its kit comes with rolls of butyl and PVC tape, which is resistant to elemental damage. The silicone sealant fills voids to prevent insects in structures and adheres to clean metal, glass, most wood types, RTV silicones, vulcanized silicone rubber, ceramics, painted, and many plastic surfaces, overhead and sidewall joints, etc. It insulates thermally and electrically and contains acidic compounds, so it shouldn’t be used on or near electrical connections.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Perfect Vision offering its certified Weatherproofing at cost-efficient prices.

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PV2665Perfect Vision SureSeal Compound 6 1/2" Wide x 10 FT ROLL
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College Station
5 In stock
US$‎21.43 US$‎23.52
SG3-P1Perfect Vision Silicone Sealant 3Oz (Boss 315 Clear)
30 in stock
College Station
30 In stock
US$‎2.43 US$‎3.85
PV2632Perfect Vision SureSeal Compound 1 1/2" Wide x 10 FT ROLL - Each
13 in stock
College Station
13 In stock
US$‎8.00 US$‎9.00
PVSG10Perfect Vision Silicone Sealant 10 Oz (Boss 315 Clear)
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