DIN Rail Kits

AttaBox DIN Rail Kits are expertly designed for use with AttaBox polycarbonate enclosures. They can mount a DIN Rail in the side wall of the enclosure without penetrating the hole. These kits have a simple design and are extremely important for installing, operating, and maintaining electrical equipment. They come along with one DIN rail that fits the indicated size, 2 custom slot nuts, and 2 thread forming screws for mounting to the enclosure’s back. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of AttaBox, offering a certified range of DIN Rail Kits at budget-friendly prices.

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AH24DRKAttabox 24" Din Rail Kit
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  • SKU: AH24DRK
AH18DRKAttabox 18" Din Rail Kit
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US$‎39.71 US$‎49.69
  • SKU: AH18DRK
AH16DRKAttabox 16" Din Rail Kit
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US$‎38.14 US$‎47.65
  • SKU: AH16DRK
AH14DRKAttabox 14" Din Rail Kit
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US$‎36.64 US$‎45.87
  • SKU: AH14DRK
AH12DRKAttabox 12" Din Rail Kit
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US$‎35.11 US$‎43.83
  • SKU: AH12DRK
AH10DRKAttabox 10" Din Rail Kit
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US$‎33.61 US$‎42.04
  • SKU: AH10DRK
AH8DRKAttabox 8" Din Rail Kit
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US$‎32.09 US$‎40.01
AH6DRKAttabox 6" Din Rail Kit
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US$‎30.51 US$‎38.22