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Shielded airMAX 14dBi 5GHz PrismStation (Discount)
SKU: PS-5AC-US (Discount)
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12V 750mA Power Supply (Discounted)
SKU: 12V 750mA Power Supply (Discounted)
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MikroTik RouterBOARD mANTBox 19s (Refurbished) mANTBox 19s (Refurbished)
SKU: mANTBox 19s (Refurbished)
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Ubiquiti airCam MINI (Refurbished)
SKU: airCam MINI (Refurbished)
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Cambium C058900A112A (Refurbished)
SKU: C058900A112A (Discounted)
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RF Elements SECM290 (Discount)
SKU: SECM290 (Discount)
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Motorola SB5101U (Discount)
SKU: SB5101U (Discount)
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Ubiquiti PS5-22V (Discount)
SKU: PS5-22V (Discount)
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MikroRouter X-treme (Discounted)
SKU: MikroRouter X-treme
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Exalt ExtendAir G2™ All-Outdoor FCC & ITU/ETSI
SKU: E18F732-NDI
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Ubiquiti AF-11FX-L
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