Detailed and top-grade Fasteners are masterfully designed for indoor and outdoor purposes, medium-density woods, hardwoods, mortar, and soft bricks penetration, cable TV, satellite TV & telephone systems, off-air antennas, and residential cable grounding applications. Fabricated from filtered nylon, the high tensile strength black and white cable ties of advanced pawl and teeth design have rounded edges for extra safety and to eliminate insulation damage.

The UV resistant solid grip clips with nails possess almost 360° grip that prevents sliding of conductor and are made of high-impact polyethylene plastic resin that keeps them from breaking, while the latest convenient meter bonding/grounding clamps deliver an electrical ground connection to meter boxes without the necessity for a ground rod, ground rod clamp or long ground wire runs.

Moreover, the self-drilling lag screws are fit for medium density wood and hardwoods penetration besides you can make your drilled holes professional with the wall bushings of white, ivory, or black injection-molded colors that can accommodate most series 6 dual-shield, tri-shield, and quad-shield coax configurations. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of ISP Supplies, Perfect Vision, and other leading manufacturers offering a great deal of their certified Fasteners at the best and low-budget prices.

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14x1SCREWPerfect Vision Self Drilling Screw, #14x1 Hex Head - Box of 100
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PVFTBKODBPerfect Vision Dual Feed Thru Wall Bushings w/Knockout Black100BAG
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PVFTBKODWPerfect Vision Dual Feed Thru Wall Bushings w/Knockout Wht 100BAG
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LS516X2Perfect Vision 5/16x2", Lag Bolt Box/100 (use 7/16" socket)
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SI-2167SLM-WLPerfect Vision Meter Bonding/Grounding Clamp, Wide Lip Mount, UL/CUL listed
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  • SKU: SI-2167SLM-WL
ASA38Perfect Vision Ground Clamp 3/8"
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ASA58Perfect Vision Ground Clamp 5/8"
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PVFTBKOSBPerfect Vision Feed Thru Coax Wall Bushing w/Knockout Blk 100BAG
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