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RF Elements TwistPortTM Adaptor for UBNT Rocket M5 – Shielded v2

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  • Manufacturer: RF Elements
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US$‎29.97 US$‎40.00

What Is A TwistPortTM Adaptor

TwistPortTM Adaptors make most popular connectorized radios and MikroTikTM RouterBoards compatible with any TwistPortTM antennas. They are the key to the entire TwistPortTM ecosystem with all its benefits - low loss, high scalability, easy co-location, simple deployment, and easy maintenance.

For Ubiquiti NetworksTM RocketTM Radios

TwistPortTM Adaptors for Ubiquiti NetworksTM RocketTM radios enable integration with RocketTM M5, RocketTM 5AC-Lite and RocketTM 5AC-PTP. The adaptor uses special coaxial connectors without threads, so the installation is effortless. Simply slide the radio into the adaptor until you hear “click”. To unlock, press the button and slide the radio out.

To improve co-location performance and decrease noise emmission, TwistPortTM Adaptors are available also in a shielded version. Shielded Adaptors for UBNTTM RocketTM radios have a visible metal enclosure attached to the main body.

Wideband Performance

Starting with version "V2", you can utilize all benefits of TwistPortTM eco-system and superb performance of TP antennas in wideband. TwistPortTM Adaptors V2 cover ultra-wideband spectrum: 5180-6400 MHz!