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Rohn 5/16 Cable Clamp Forged

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  • SKU: 5/16CCF
  • Manufacturer: Rohn
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$‎1.91 $‎2.25

Rohn 5/16CCF 5/16" Down Guy Wire Cable Clamp Galvanized Drop Forged Steel

Use 3 per Turnback (Looped Back on Itself), designed for use when Terminating 5/16 inch Strand used for ROHN Tower Down Guy Wire. ROHN 5/16 inch strand is made for use in Guying the ROHN 25G 45G 55G 65G Towers. It's Economical and has 11,200 lbs breaking strength. These Galvanized Drop Forged Steel Cable Clamps are easy to use with 3/8 Heavy Open Eye Thimbles (Part Number R-3/8THH is a Separate Item).