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Airspan AirHarmony 4200 3550 - 3700 MHz (B48), Connectorized 2x Fiber + 2x Copper, PoE, DC

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  • SKU: HAR42-CN-U48-B06DP
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Product Information

Airspan HAR42-CN-U48-B06DP

AirHarmony 4200 3550 - 3700 MHz (B48), Connectorized 2x Fiber + 2x Copper, PoE, DC

The AirHarmony 4200 is part of Airspan’s carrier-class, LTE Advanced small cell, eNodeB family. It is a Mini-Macro class product that supports 3GPP’s latest LTE eNodeB specifications, provides high-speed data, mobility, Voice over LTE, and broadcast/multicast services in order to meet the demands of the LTE fixed and Mobile Carriers.

Plug and Play

Experience full functionality, out-of-the-box to fully operational, within 20 minutes.


47 dBm EIRP per 10 MHz, capable for 10MHz or 20MHz; 2 carrier with full band, 150MHz IBW

Flexible Deployments

CAT B EIRP for omni antennas for 2 carriers or single/dual sector for panel antennas.

Multiple Backhaul Options

Backhaul options include multiple fiber/copper interfaces, including PoE output for supporting wireless backhaul.

Released 10-LTE Advanced

Release 10 feature sets include support for SON and eICIC, which enable N=1 frequency reuse.

Network Planning with SON

Self-Organizing Network (SON) features enable complete integration of eNodeB’s including Automatic Neighbor Relations(ANR) and Auto-PCI.


Specifications HAR42-CN-U48-B06DP

Part Number HAR42-CN-U48-B06DP
Operating Band Band 48 (3.550–3.700 GHz)
Duplex TDD
Max Channel Bandwidth Up to 2x 20 MHz with Carrier Aggregation
Max Tx Power Up to +40 dBm per Tx Channel
Port Configuration 2T2R x 2 4.1–9.5 DIN Female
Antenna Configuration
Single Sector Omni or Panel, X-Polar
Dual Sector Panel, X-Polar (not included)
Data Interfaces 2 x Fiber Optic (via SFP) 2 x Copper with PoE
Unit Dimensions 509 mm (w) x 236 mm (l) x 210 mm (h) 20.0 in (w) x 9.3 in (l) x 8.3 in (h)
Unit Weight 20 kg (44 lbs)
Power 48VDC
Power Consumption 265 W
Operating Temperature -40°C to 55°C -40°F to 130°F
IP Rating IP66
Synchronization GNSS (GPS)
SafetyConforms to: IEC 60950 UL 60950 EN 60950-1:2006 EN 60950-22:2006 EN 50385:2002 EN 50401:2006


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