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Cambium 3.3-3.8 GHz 90° Sector Dual Slant OFDM

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Cambium 3.3-3.8 GHz 90° Sector Dual Slant OFDM

Antenna for 90 Degree Sector (Dual Slant OFDM) Access Point not included

A wireless broadband communication system has many components; each one contributes to the overall performance and ultimately affects operator revenues. Well-designed components that complement each other will improve overall network performance, increase the longevity of the system and optimize operators’ profits.

One of the principal considerations in a communications system is antennas. Their impact is enormous - using the wrong antenna will degrade the overall performance of an otherwise well engineered system, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

At Cambium Networks, antennas are engineered to address most typical network and terrain challenges and built to the highest level quality and reliability. The 3 GHz Access Point 90 degree sector antennas are specifically designed for use with the 3 GHz PMP 450 platform of products. As a result of their consistent front-to-back ratio in combination with power control and high gain, these antennas deliver optimized performance, including maximized spectral efficiency and easy installation.


The 3 GHz Access Point Antenna offers an ideal array of features - spectral efficiency, higher gain than other solutions, a capability to overcome environmental challenges and improved signal strength. This antenna operates within 3 GHz band, covering 3.5 GHz and 3.65 GHz.

2x2 Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) gives 3 GHz Access Point Antennas the benefits of dual stream operation for most channel conditions, provides interference mitigation by selecting the best signal quality and allows for successful deployment of wireless networks in difficult environments.

High gain directional solution used by 3 GHz Access Point Antennas effectively focuses the main 16 dBi lobe while minimizing side-lobe leakage. This targeted transmission increases capacity over other types of antennas and decreases the interference from adjacent sources, while assuring the best signal quality for customers.

3 GHz Access Point Antennas are outdoor-rated. Cambium Networks perform a rigorous set of environmental tests. We validate and guarantee the specifications and ensure their consistency with real life conditions.

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