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Positron Access Solutions Corporation focuses on carrier-grade telecommunications equipment that elevates the bandwidth distributed and the range that it can be supplied to subscription holders within the core access network and within domestic and multi-tenant buildings using current cabling substructure. These incorporate line powered DSL line amplifiers/extenders that increase the client serving zones, rise the bandwidth & span of VDSL2 & ADSL2+ copper pairs; G.hn Gigabit Access Multiplexors (GAM) that give managed non-blocking symmetrical Gigabit bandwidth to subscription holders in MDU/MTU's over coax or copper pairs at notably extensive spaces, abridged complexity, superior steadiness and lesser price than DOCSIS or G.fast; joined copper solutions for core transport, cellular phone backhaul, edge aggregation, and access.

ISP Supplies is a certified and exclusive Positron Access Solutions Corporation distributor. ISP Supplies is distributing the complete networking tools and equipment of our manufacturer partner that includes the best Positron multiplexer, Positron Access Solutions Managed G.Hn COAX Wave-2 to Ethernet Bridge over Coax, Positron Access Solutions Managed G.Hn MIMO Wave-2 to Ethernet Bridge over Twisted Pair and many other networking items at a reasonable price