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IgniteNet Alignment Scope, 9x50 Magnification

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IgniteNet ICC-SCOPE-9x50 Metrolink Alignment Scope

Utilizing leading-edge technology, IgniteNet’s MetroLinq™ Alignment Scope delivers unprecedented performance and ensures precise antenna positioning in the field, bringing accuracy during deployments, installations, and ongoing operations. Initial antenna position is critical during Metrolinq™ antenna upgrades or new deployments for post installation network performance. The Metrolinq™ Alignment Scope saves time and money by eliminating costly site re-visits and re-climbs.

Using the MetroLinq™ Alignment Scope is quick and easy. After mounting the scope to the MetroLinq™ chassis using the straightforward attachment system, the installer simply adjusts the antenna to center the scope crosshairs on the target endpoint location to ensure proper link alignment.

Other helpful uses include verifying optical line of sight for the link, ensuring local mount placement viability, and determining ideal mount locations for distant endpoints

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Great Performance

by -

These horns have zero side lobes and perform very well in our backhauls.

Link in a box is one not to be missed Cambium Wins Again


Cambium has an excellent product here. Very well made and easy to use.

Integration with the cnMaestro platform is needed as well but not needed.

If you are an integrator hooking up two offices, buildings across a field, need to backhaul cameras and other data over a link - this is one not to be missed.

inexpensive and easy to use.

Linking up is easier than shooting Fish in a Barrel with this SCOPE...


It makes sighting the link much easier. Almost like shooting fish in a barrel.

ISP Supplies + Ignitenet's Scope makes building links and connecting customers much easier.

This is a tool NOT to be forgotten when placing your order.

They work good

by -

They work good but you will need to have the AF adapters for any device that uses AF otherwise it wont power up. Other then that as long as you have internet you should be able to point it to your UniFi server and adopt it.



I have three pair of these that I use for outbuildings on our campus. I have had them up for 4 years plus without an issue. I would recommend them without reservation.