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Rohn Thimble, Heavy, Open, 7/16"

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  • Manufacturer: Rohn
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Rohn 7/16THH Thimble, Heavy, Open, 7/16"

These Heavy Open Thimbles work in concert with 5/16 inch strand Big Grips (R-BG2146) Preformed Dead End Grips or can be used with 3/8 inch bare strand and cable clamps. Thimbles prevent the crimping of guy wire and preformed guy grip Terminations. They are used 1/16 inch larger than the guy wire when terminated with cable clamps, or 2/16 inch larger when terminated with guy grips.

The BG2146 Big Grip is specifically designed for use with the Guy Wire Strand for ROHN Tower Guy-Off during Tower Erection, Permanant Installations, Temporary Installations and Take-Down Disassembly. These Heavy Open Thimbles are a complement Accessory for use with this Pre-Formed Dead-End Grip.