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Rohn Anchor Rod, EE, TO 7330 LBS

$‎99.45 $‎117.00
$‎99.45 $‎117.00

Specifications Rohn GAC303

Part TypeTower Guy Anchors
Guy Anchor Length6.75 ft
Equalizer Plate Hole Count3
Guy Anchor MaterialSteel
Guy Anchor FinishGalvanized

Rohn GAC303 Anchor Rod, EE, TO 7330 LBS

The ROHN GAC303 Concrete Anchor Rod with 3-Way Tower Guy Equalizer Plate Attachment. Embeds in Standard Concrete Anchor Block for ROHN 25G 45G 55G 65G Tower 2 or 3 Level Down Guy Attachment via the 3-way Equalizer Plate attachment (Included Item). This Particular Configuration of Equalizer Plate uses the Eye to Eye Turnbuckles (ie R-3/8TBE&E) as the Down Guy attachment method.