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Rohn 25G Tower Torque Arm Stabilizer Assembly

US$‎384.16 US$‎451.95
  • SKU: TA25
  • Manufacturer: Rohn
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US$‎384.16 US$‎451.95

Specifications Rohn TA25

TypeTorque arm stabilizer
Used with25 series towers
ApplicationTower bracing
Weight50 LB

ROHN TA25 Tower Torque Arm Stabilizer Assembly

Anti-twist device located in the area of the Microwave or other Focused Beam antennas to provide six-way guying. Bolts to tower at any section joint and attached with joint bolts. Must be installed as sections are joined together. The 25G tower can be used in guyed, self-supporting or bracketed configurations according to specifications in the ROHN catalog. As a guyed structure, it can rise to a maximum of 190 feet.


  • Torque Arm Stabilizer Assembly For Rohn 25G Towers
  • Anti-Twist Device. To Be Used In The Area Of Microwave Or Other Focused Beam Antennas To Provide Six Way Guying
  • Bolts To Tower At Any Section Joint And Attaches With Joint Bolts. Must Be Installed As Sections Are Joined Together