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Tycon Power 30W Panel,Pole M,Controller-cable sup 8W

US$‎256.45 US$‎269.95
  • SKU: TPSK24-30W
  • Manufacturer: Tycon Systems
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US$‎256.45 US$‎269.95

Tycon Power TPSK24-30W

Complet Solar Kits

Panel Voltage/Capacity: 24V 30W
Panel Max Current: 0.87A
Panel Model: TPS-24-30
Charge Controller Model: TP-SC24-10

Tycon Power Systems offers complete solar kits which include high efficiency solar panel, pole/wall mount, solar battery charge controller and outdoor rated low loss power cable.

The solar panels are high efficiency designs with excellent low light performance. The multicrystalline silicon solar cells are laminated with a TPT (Tedlar/Polyester/Tedlar) and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) bi-layer for high reliability and long life. The cell array is sealed in a heavy duty extruded aluminum frame with a high transparency low iron tempered glass cover to protect the solar cells from harsh environments; hail, wind, snow and ice.

The solar panel mounts are heavy gauge aluminum with stainless hardware and facilitate mounting the solar panels to a pole or a south facing wall. The mounts with panels are rated to 110MPH. The solar kits include a 10' 12AWG outdoor rated power cable and a 10A or 15A solar battery charge controller.