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Ubiquiti LOCOM2 - NanoStation 2.4GHz CPE

  • Manufacturer: Ubiquiti Networks
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Ubiquiti Networks LOCOM2

NanoStation Loco M2: Compact and cost-effective AirMax 2.4GHz CPE 802.11g/n 200mW

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Wireless NanoStation Loco 2 provides a breakthrough in cost, reliability,& performance. Features up tp 10km of range performance, 25+Mbps of throughput performance,& the powerful, intuitive interface. NanoStation2 Loco is the latest innovation in broadband wireless CPE technology. NanoStation exhibits outstanding antenna performance. NanoStation2 Loco was able to maintain 8 dBi of  dual-polarity antenna gain in a compact form-factor using a highly efficient and innovative patch array antenna design.