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Future upgrade

Save 30% on the Nova436 & Nova846.

Get 50% offCA & DC Licenses.

The Nova233 will reach its End of Life on December 31st, 2023.

For a limited time, you can receive 50% off Carrier Aggregation (CA) or
Dual-Carrier (DC) key for every Nova233 you have deployed.

Get a 2-carrier Base Station & Save

Savings available until March 31st, 2023. Only available in North America.

2 is better than 1


The Nova233 was 1 of Baicells first products. This single-carrier, 2x1W radio connected NLOS end-users but limited operators' deployment options.

These days, Baicells offers 2-carrier radios that allow operators to be more adaptive and provide better connectivity for their
clients through Dual-Carrier (DC) and Carrier Aggregation (CA) licenses.

To continue supporting internet providers worldwide, Baicells is encouraging all providers to migrate from the Nova233
platform to the Nova436Q or Nova846.

Get Ready for 5G

The Nova846 is an 8x5W, 2-carrier outdoor eNodeB (eNB)
capable of operating in Carrier Aggregation (CA) mode or Dual Carrier (DC)/split mode.

Get speeds up to 580Mbps in CA mode and connect up to
1024 users in DC mode.

Get Ready for 5G

This versatile eNodeB can use CA and DC keys to be
configured as a 2) 2x1Ws single carrier eNBs (Dual Carrier/
Split Sector) or a 4x1W Carrier Aggregation eNB. This allows
the operator to grow a market with the same eNB as the
market demands change.

Don't have a Nova233?

You can still Save 30% on the Nova846 and Nova436Q!

Benefits of upgrade

Carrier Aggregation

Access 40MHz of contiguous or noncontiguous channel bandwidth and provide greater throughputs.


Treat each carrier as an independent cell to connect double the number of subscribers.

Improved Performance

Offer significantly improved throughput & capacity, while maintaining NLOS connectivity.

Ready for 5G

The Nova846 will be able to access 100MHz of NR bands with a simple software upgrade to minimize truck rolls.