Premium Quality Leoch Power Solutions

About Leoch

The reliable power solutions from Leoch are engineered for use in a vast range of industrial and commercial applications, including energy storage systems, telecom and data center power solutions, starting power solutions, motive power solutions, and battery recycling.
Leoch Pure Lead Long Life (PLH Series) batteries with TPPL technology are well built and have fast rechargeability and superb temperature resistance (−40°C ~ +65°C). Pure lead in these robust batteries optimizes the high rate and float life for extra high discharge applications. Leoch 48 Volt LiFePO Batteries feature embedded BMS for voltage, current, and temperature protection, as well as alarm functions. They have brilliant electromagnetic shielding and emit very little noise as they have a passive cooling design. Leoch batteries have a long service life of 20 years.
ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Leoch and is proud to offer its power solutions at the best value.