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About Lite Linx

High-quality fiber optic cables from LiteLinx are meticulously crafted for both indoor and outdoor applications, and they are incredibly cost-effective. The robust ADSS Cable with a single sheath is highly durable and achieves notable spans of 100 to 200m (or even 1400m). The lightweight and flexible ABF Micro-Cable with a low sheath friction coefficient and a high optical fiber capacity is compatible with microducts. LiteLinx's Anti-Rodent and Armored Cables feature a non-metallic FRP central core that provides structural stability and water-blocking filler for superior waterproofing. The compact and rugged FTTH Drop Cable for short- distance external use has superb thermal stability and resists UV rays and several chemicals, while the Flat Drop Cable offers rapid cable termination, effortless installation, and terrific crush resistance. ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of LiteLinx, the industry's top fiber optics provider, offering a generous range of its certified cables at the most competitive prices