QuWireless is an innovative company that designs, manufactures, and provides outdoor antenna enclosures specifically for each model of Teltonika’s RUT routers. The antennas create a plethora of new opportunities for outdoor use cases. Boats, mining, CCTV, Helium, industry, RV/camping, and IoT are the application areas of QuWireless antennas. You can get the greatest assortment of high-performance antenna enclosures at ISP Supplies. We have QuWireless integrated multi band high power Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G antennas for Teltonika routers that provide terrific wireless connectivity. They are powerful and amazing outdoor devices for mobile and fixed installations in a variety of environments. The antennas are installed with the Teltonika router inside a single IP67 enclosure. Purchase from our range.

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A955MQuWireless QuMax for Teltonika RUT955
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College Station
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US$‎110.00 US$‎141.00
A955SQuWireless QuSpot for Teltonika RUT955
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College Station
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  • SKU: A955S
US$‎99.00 US$‎126.00

QuWireless is specialized in wireless systems manufacturing. All components are made by us in EU. QuWireless is a company full of experienced individuals who are present in the industry business for over 15 years.