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What is DiViPlus+ monetization
tool for your unused bandwidth.

A platform that create a new revenue source for any size ISP by monetizing their unused bandwidth
without any investment or maintenance.

Monetize your existing resources effortless

15-minutes integration with MikroTik routers

or with Cisco / Juniper

Dashboard access to track generated revenue

References from 110+ ISPs worldwide

40+ US ISPs are using DiviPlus+


Keeping a secure network is crucial and we take all the necessary measures to protect it. We do not collect data and it's technically impossible.

Our Customers are corporations
(no individual is allowed)


Full logs of all requests including
customers' source IPs are stored

All the traffic is scanned using
anti-DDoS and anti-malware

A strict KYC process for each
company, including personal id

All the traffic logs are available to
download for 36 months

Our system ensures that the
traffic pattern is similar to a
normal user

Only web traffic is allowed
through ports 80 and 443.

Dashboard access with traffic
stats, domains, total
bandwidth & more

We limit our customers to a
single request per domain for
each 5 minutes.


We run a small test to understand if we both like each other,
which takes about 3-5 days

  1. Start the trial with a/24 block only
  2. Access you revenue panel and track the traffic se send
    Check bandwidth, requests, domains, access IPs and more in our dashboard.
  3. Once you are ready, expand to maximize your revenues
    In this stage, we get to test your network if it's working for us.
  4. Get paid monthly
    We pay either through PayPal, card or wire transfer.