1.How does a network switch work?

A network switch connects devices like computers, PCs, printers, wireless devices/APs, and specific IoT devices to its physical ports, accepts data packets from them, and then sends the packets via its ports to the destination devices.

2.What are network switches used for?

Network switches enable two or more linked IT devices to transfer data and communicate with each other. Further, they are used to offload network traffic, connect with several different hosts, optimize LAN bandwidth, populate the MAC address table, enable MAC filtering, and other access control features.

3.Where can I buy switches or network switches?

At ISP Supplies, you will find reliable switches or network switches from top distributors, including Ubiquiti Networks, TP-Link, MikroTik, and others.

4.What are the best switches for gaming?

Ubiquiti UniFi managed switches are perfect for gaming. They are expensive but have fantastic build quality, features, and performance and work smoothly within the UniFi ecosystem. In addition, TP-Link TL-SG105 is the best budget switch for gaming with full-duplex Gigabit ports.