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High capacity meets AES 256 encryption

Engineered to meet the advanced security needs of government institutions, utilities, & public safety entities

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Secure High-Capacity

Dual transceiver for critical communications

Introducing the Integra-X2 Series from SAF Tehnika—a milestone in dual transceiver radio technology. This series proudly joins our Full-Outdoor Unit (FODU) lineup, boasting a formidable dual transceiver system capable of reaching 2+0 XPIC.​.

Durability meets agility in the Integra-X2. Designed for the most demanding environments, this dual-band solution not only maximizes capacity in favorable weather conditions but also ensures reliability with a fallback microwave link during adverse weather. The advanced AES 256’s CFB encryption mode ensures that security is never an after thought, providing peace of mind with every transmission​​.

Reliability is paramount for government and public safety entities reliant on uninterrupted communication. The system's capacity can be dynamically managed, scaling up to 10+ Gbps with traffic aggregation through an external Ethernet switch, catering to the evolving needs of secure and critical communication networks​​.

High capacity & reliability

Integra-X offers 2.2Gbps at 2x112 MHz
4096 QAM

Secure institutional solutions

Engineered to meet security needs of government institutions, utilities, public safety

10Gbps ethernet switch

Ethernet functionality with 50Gbps
switching capacity

5 year standard warranty

Upgrades and new features. Excellent 24/7 technical support & reliable capacity.

Advanced security integration

Advanced security features including HTTPS web access, SNMP V3 monitoring, SSH Command Line Interface, multi-level user login, & AES 256 Encryption for comprehensive protection

Built-in 2+0 XPIC

Integra-X incorporates two transceivers & two modem chains allowing this system to operate with built-in 2+0 XPIC

Key Characteristics

CapacityUp to 2.2 Gbps at 2x 112 MHz 4096QAM
Frequency bands 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23 and 26 GHz. (All licensed bands up to 38 GHz*)
Max Modulation4096QAM
Channel Bandwidth from 5 MHz up to 112 MHz
Configurations 1+0, 2+0 XPIC, 2+0 ACAP, 2+0 ACCP*, 1+1 SD*
Gigabit Ethernet1xRJx45, 2xSFP+
ManagementOut-of-band, In-band, SNMP v1/2c/3, SSH, Telnet, HTTPS, Serial, RADIUS, Network Time Protocol
EncryptionAES 256 bit
AntennaExternal antenna
Form factor280 x 437 x 100 mm / 11.02” x 17.2” x 3.9”, 8.5 kg / 18.7 lbs
Temperature range-33 ... +55 °C / -28 … +130 °F