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Omnichannel solution
for ISPs & WISPs

A complete platform with an end-to-end vision of Customer
Experience created to prioritize the subscriber's experience
throughout the entire contact path with his ISP.


See how Meerkat Cx can help you

   24/7 Customer

Always available to your subscribers through all channels, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Visualize from the same platform all the interactions with your customers and tickets generated throughout the different channels.


Operate with simultaneous service channels, such as Phone Calls, Messenger, Webchat, Telegram, Text Message, Whatsapp & more.

   100% Contact

Sort tickets on the platform, record all your contacts seamlessly, and don't worry about rush hours.


The customer doesn’t wait endless minutes in the line. Forget about peak hours.


Automate contacts such as mass or scheduled outages, electronic payments, bill forwarding, service suspensions and more.


Control management by issuing reports in real time.

   Cloud Based

Work remotely wherever you are with our cloud based solution.


Achieve a unique synergy

Integrate in real time with the most widely used CRMs or ERPs through APIs in the market.


Created to scale the
customer experience

  •   Order of service areas
  •   Fast implementation
  •   Priority management
  •   360° view of the subscriber
  •   Segmentation
  •   Cost Optimization