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Spectrum Compact

Handheld RF spectrum analyzers & signal generators

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Saf tehnika

Handheld spectrum analyzer for professionals

SAF Spectrum Compact is an RF analyzer that saves time and optimizes project costs for utilities, WISPs, mobile telcos, critical communication users, defense, military, border control and police operators. It adds flexibility and certainty to planning, maintaining, and regulating spectrum ecosystem, even from a drone.

Designed For the Field:
Instant ON/OFF
Completely stand-alone
Battery time up to 4 hours
Works perfectly with gloves
Performs in a -15-55°C (5-131F) range
Goes hand in hand with the native signal generator
Data logging for use with PC spectrum analyzer software

Spectrum Compact free PC software and API allow integration into complex projects from TV broadcasting, live events, and scenarios requiring uninterrupted satellite and ground transmission. This ensures the highest possible quality, whether used by remote mobile units or at permanent sites. Spectrum ...

Saf tehnika


Leading Sensitivity
PC Software
IP54 Rating
Resistive LCD

Extended Range

Spectrum compact

Meet the new Spectrum Compact 10 MHz – 3 GHz for optimizing RF parameter measurements.

The benefits include:
Extended range in the same form factor
New features included – Zero-Span, Audio indication
IP54 rating
Standalone device for field applications
Open API for integration