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Next generation radio platform

Next generation radio platform specifically tailored for
dense urban deployment

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next generation

All-outdoor microwave
radio product

Integra-W is one of SAF Tehnika’s most innovative radio systems designed specifically for wideband applications. Integra-W supports channel bandwidths of up to 112 MHz and modulations up to 1024QAM for network capacity upgrades of up to 883Mbps per full-duplex radio link. Integra-W provides the best industrial-grade all-outdoor experience. This All-Outdoor radio contains a radio, modem and PoE splitter with a surge arrestor all in one box, which is perfect for shelter-free installation. Carefully selected materials for best corrosion resistance and simplified installation makes it a top choice for various network backbone applications. High performance predistortion algorithm introduced in Integra-W enables high Tx power, which is critical for wide-bandwidth and high modulation radio links. Integra-W is one of the most reliable and durable radios on the market.

900 Mbps backbone link

Long distance 900 Mbps backbone link
with two radio links in 80MHz at 256QAM
with a system gain as high as 87 dBm.

High performance pre-distortion

High performance pre-distortion algorithm enables high Tx power performance.

Wideband channel

up to 112 MHz

Better link performance

High Tx power and an advanced pre-
distortion algorithm allow for long distance
links. Superb for extending a Fiber Optics
network over high capacity radio. Integra WS
can reach up to 122km with a 99.995%
availability rate. Distance varies due to
environment and capacity settings.

The highest reliability

High reliability innovative materials for the
best corrosion resistance, EMC isolation
and a great heat dissipation system result
in the radio supporting a wide temperature
range. The best possible lightning
protection - no risk of damaging the data
transmission equipment over data cable.


All-outdoor system consists of a radio,
modem and PoE splitter with a surge
arrestor in a single HW design which can
be directly mounted to the antenna,
allowing for shelter-free installations.

Key Characteristics

Capacity 883 Mbps at 112MHz 1024 QAM
643 Mbps at 80 MHz 1024 QAM
Frequency bands6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 38 GHz and more*
Max Modulation1024QAM with hitless ACM
Channel Bandwidth
From 56 MHz up to 112 MHz From 40 MHz up to 80 MHz
Configurations 1+0
Gigabit Ethernet2xRJ-45, 1xSFP
ManagementOut-of-band, In-band, SNMP v1/2c/3, SSH, Telnet, HTTPS, Serial, RADIUS, Network Time Protocol
AntennaExternal antenna (default)*
Form factor280 x 437 x 100 mm / 11.02” x 17.2” x 3.9” (6-13 GHz)
235 x 250 x 72 mm / 9.26” x 9.85” x 2.84” (15-38 GHz)
235 x 250 x 111 mm / 9.26” x 9.85” x 4.37” (17/24 GHz)
Temperature range-33 ... +55 °C / -28 … +130 °F