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Weather app with guaranteed accuracy

While general weather apps abound, the Tempest app is different. It feeds real-time observed weather data from your backyard into a machine learning system to dramatically improve forecast accuracy where it matters most – your home. No other weather app or forecast can compare because they don’t start with the weather conditions at your specific location.


So Advanced, It’s Simple

A revolutionary design with no moving parts, nearly zero maintenance, instant online data, a free personal webpage, and a rich API powering a growing list of third-party applications. Install the Tempest home weather system in less than five minutes and it will do the rest!

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Turn Your

Smart home into a genius

Trigger your outdoor lights based on the actual brightness of the sky. Enable your thermostat to use the weather conditions outside your home to conserve heating and cooling use. Automate your sprinklers to operate based on rainfall. Get text alerts when lightning is approaching. Save time and money with a home that can optimize itself.



What makes your Tempest forecast so accurate? It starts with your weather data. In addition to your Tempest observations, we ingest a massive amount of data from satellites, radars, government surface networks, etc. Initialized with our curated data sets, we also run our own high-resolution numerical weather forecast models. We train our AI-based output models to produce accurate point-specific forecasts informed by the observations. The result is a forecast tailored to your exact location.


About the
changing weather

Tempest data, along with all our real-time useful information, is part of data sets which are shared with the National Weather Service (NWS–NOAA) and other met agencies across the world, supporting their mission of predicting dangerous weather and warning the public of potential risks. As forecasting becomes more difficult and weather patterns increasingly erratic, each Tempest helps contribute to a better global forecast.

A leader in the private weather technology industry

WeatherFlow-Tempest’s team of atmospheric scientists, forecasters, and developers specialize in weather networks, data science,
and forecast modeling. Our weather technology is used by the National Weather Service, Coast Guard, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and
thousands of satisfied consumers around the globe.