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Cambium 3' ANT,SP,11GHz,RFU-C TYPE&UBR100 - Radiowave

  • SKU: N110082D098A
  • Manufacturer: Cambium Networks
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Specifications N110082D098A

alpha frequency 11 GHz
front-to-back ratio (dB) 44 dB
mounting hdw included (Y/N) Y
maximum power input (W) N/A
polarization horizontal or vertical
lightning protection DC ground
vertical tilt (deg) 0 deg
antenna diameter (ft) 3'
radome (Y/N) N
antenna size range 2 ft to 3 ft
frequency range 10500-11650
dB gain range 30.0 to 39.9
gain 37.7 dBi
frequency (bandwidth) 10.7-11.7 GHz
VSWR <1.37:1
connector C type & UBR100
wind survival w/o ice (MPH) 125 MPH
beamwidth (deg) 2.6 deg
Depth 40"
Width 17"
Height 44"
Weight 81 LB

Cambium Networks N110082D098A

3' ANT,SP,11GHz,RFU-C TYPE&UBR100 - Radiowave