Primus Fiber

Top-Grade Primus Cable Fiber at Best Price

About Primus Fiber

Primus Fiber Cable Management device, Fiber Slack Storage, can maintain a minimum bend radius of up to 3.5”. Fiber Connectivity products, including Fiber Adapters / Couplers, Fiber Connection Kits, and Fiber Optic Adapter Panels, are made of the highest quality. Splice Trays are Fiber Networking Equipment that provides physical security with organization for fusion splices, and Fiber Wall Mount Patch Panels enable splicing, patching, and terminating in one unit. Fiber Optic Cables include Bulk Fiber Optic Cables that support high-capacity network bandwidths, single/multimode Fiber Patch Cables, and Fiber Assemblies. The soft and absorbent Fiber Cleaning Wipes excellently remove contaminants.

ISP Supplies is a certified distributor of Primus Cable, offering its certified Primus Fiber at the best value.